We Wouldn't Be Here Without You

WC Motoring, where do we begin? We gotta go back...way back in time to a small town far away, (Just kidding! It's Las Vegas). What started as an idea to wholesale automotive parts to the local Las Vegas valley, in a small 1200 sq ft warehouse, Wholesale Connection was born! Soon, the business was growing and customers were coming through the door, however, we had a small problem; we were a wholesale business and designed to sell to other busineses and not direct to the public or end user....Are we losing money? Do we stick to our roots? 


So we switched it up...new location...bigger location...get tools and a lift, hire new employees,  and change the business plan. Now WC Motoring is born! We began to cater to all; wholesale and public, and from that point forward we haven't looked back. We have strived to push forward and grow every year. We eventually grew into a 4000 sq ft. place, added more lifts, and more equipment. Fast forward to now as we embark on our new adventure. WC Motoring is settling into our new home; a 15,000 sq ft. mega store to house everything and take on more cars and bigger challenges. 

Our new building has seperate bays for wraps and tint away from the wheels and tires to ensure the best, top quality work possible. Equipped with new, top of the line wheel and tire machines, and access to the best priced inventory in the automotive industry. WC Motoring has pioneered the custom wheel and automotive game in Las Vegas. We have sold and shipped wheels all across the United States and to Europe. We have always strived to push hard and be as competitive as possible, and to take the best care of our customers..

Customer service is often a lost art and we cannot forget where we came from...the customer (YOU)...so THANK YOU!!!
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